It was my birthday on the 16th and, nostalgia lover as I am, I decided to include a couple of children’s games at my birthday party. From somewhere in some cupboard there emerged a pin the tail on the donkey set. In the corner were listed the rules.

I’ll quote the relevant part:

Give one tail to each player. He must remember the number on the tail given him. Blindfold each player in turn, and whirl him about once or twice. Then he must step for-ward on the first place he touches. He must only use one hand.

But we couldn’t have that.

Feminist rules for pin the tail on the donkey

Image description: There are handwritten amendments to the rules. ‘Feminist’ has been added in front of ‘Rules for Playing;’ ‘he’ and ‘him’ have been changed to ‘they’ and ‘them;’ ‘Booby prize is for the one who pinned the tail furthest away’ has been crossed out.

A small act of feminism, all in a day’s work.