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1. When I was food shopping last night in preparation for my trip, most of the customers in the supermarket were white and most of the staff were people of colour.

2. The ABC has this terribly sad story about the 11 survivors of a whale pod. 53 were beached. And, just a few minutes ago, AP said that they ‘have joined a larger pod in deep waters — a sign they are doing fine‘. Why does beaching occur? I am proud to say that I participated in a whale census earlier this year. It was a lovely experience: salt and enthusiasm and spray off the water.

3. All of a sudden I have nothing to say, nothing to add to the smart, fine voices of the feminist blogosphere. Maybe it’s just newbie intimidation? I have a long list of topics I wanted to write about, but now it seems like there’s nothing I can contribute. They all have so much more than I do.
a) Probably post-exam exhaustion coupled with a stifling wish to not look stupid.
b) Therefore, I’ll give myself a bit of time to ease back into this world I have silently been a part of for all these months.
c) It’s good that there are gaps in my thoughts: communal efforts are so much more valuable and I have a more coherent picture to strive for.

4. I tried doing a post on Sarah Haskins earlier, but I just could not embed the videos! I have no idea what I was doing wrong. Maybe another time.

So I’ll be back on Tuesday.