Including widgety goodness for all! I’m editing the About page a little, as I will do from time to time. Mostly I’m amending the comments policy a little to reflect its evolving nature and to flesh it out more. It’s not necessary just yet, but I love a good comments policy, being strange like that. Any suggestions to make it better are appreciated. If you’ve seen a funny or thoughtful one somewhere, I’d love a link.

I’m going to shake up my blog reading list. It’s partly the time of year, what with blogging slowly down. Also, I’m not getting what I’d like out of some of the blogs I used to frequent. I’m particularly looking for blogs run by those outside of the US, because I feel as if US-centric feminism, while fantastic, dominates my blog reading far too much. In addition, feminist analysis of popular culture*, experiences of religious people in feminism*, small blogs of personal reflection and cute animals are sought. (Go to Disapproving Rabbits. Right now.)

Bear with me as I carve out my space and sort out my head.

Thanks, readers!

*Getting the anthropology enthusiast vibe?