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Here, for your reading pleasure, I present three articles from the New York Times I’ve been holding on to for a few days:

3 January: Opposition Leader Wins Presidency in Ghana

Pham, the Africa scholar, called the vote ”a milestone.”

”It’s the first case in Africa I can think of where a country has seen two successive transfers of power from democratically elected incumbents to democratically elected successors,” he said.

And because I’ve inexplicably developed an interest in the Irish economy:

3 January: The Irish Economy’s Rise Was Steep, and the Fall Was Fast

Everything, it seems, has grown worse here. The recession started earlier and its bite has been deeper. Housing prices have fallen by as much as 50 percent. Bank shares have plummeted by more than 90 percent. Unemployment is approaching 10 percent.

1 January: Helen Suzman, Relentless Challenger of Apartheid System, Is Dead at 91

For decades, Mrs. Suzman was among the most venerated of white campaigners urging an end to racial rule. As the liberal Progressive Party’s lone representative in the all-white Parliament for 13 years until the mid-1970s, a period when many of apartheid’s most repressive features were being devised, she used her parliamentary immunity to speak out when other avenues of protest were harshly suppressed.

And this!:

Her home and office telephones were constantly tapped, an intrusion she liked to counter by blowing an ear-splitting whistle into the mouthpiece.

From what I’ve heard of her, she was an absolute legend.

You know, in picking those extracts, I realised anew that there’s so much nuance lost in the information overload of our fast-moving world. There’s so much experience in those stories that you’ll miss if you don’t click through, so do, if you have the time. And imagine all that was lost to NYT readers in the stories’ transition to the limitations of print.