Remember the objective I set myself for this blog, to post at least one thing I’m proud of each week this year? It’s oddly reminiscent of this meme.

I’ve done a bit of a redesign, as you can see. The header’s meant to recall the blog name after a fashion. I found the tree on a photo-scouting trip around the neighbourhood today and I thought it’d be perfect.

The area that has required the most thought has been my blogroll. I’m doing something of an experiment at present with my blog reading. Recently I’ve had about thirty blogs in my reader, but a few days ago I increased that to just over fifty. (I think my all-time record is 64 blogs in my reader!) In a few more days, I’ll spend a week looking at 8-10 blogs a day. The point of this is to learn what blogs I need to read regularly in order to strike a balance between drinking in a lot of feminist goodness and, you know, doing other things and not growing perpetually confused and overwhelmed. So soon I’ll add a long list on a blogroll page and keep the small one on my sidebar, both of which I’ll keep editing. The blogroll page will contain blogs I read daily, blogs I pop in at occasionally, all manner of blogs. The ones in the sidebar will just be a few blogs in an effort to represent a cross-section of my reading.

I’ve been blogging properly for 19 days now and I’m pleased with my progress thus far. I think my capacity to form a good argument has gone out of me and won’t come back for a little while. It’s a good thing as it’ll give me room to explore some of my personal/political stuff and better appreciate the things I’ve probably missed in attempting to be hardcore and cerebral.