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As I sit here and watch the incredibly strange video clip for The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” on the television on this lovely Sunday morning…

I think it’s important to make simple statements of wishes and intent. It might seem silly, but there’s nothing like keeping things out in the open for clarifying one’s thoughts and holding oneself accountable.

Here are a few thoughts.

I wish

• To never, ever have to ever again answer any of the following questions from someone who has reached the age of consent:
› What’s a clitoris?
› But what’s a clitoris used for?
› But it’s not important to really know about the clitoris, is it?

• So, a wish for universal comprehensive sex education, too.

• For better legal and prison systems worldwide.

• For the privileged to have greater respect for marginalised people, not just psuedo-tolerance. (‘Hey, Chally, I have a gay friend. I went to his gay wedding and it was really beautiful. He got married to a man, you know. It wasn’t a real wedding, just sort of a ceremony thing. Proud of me?’)

• For better, widespread and always sincere unity and intersectionality in feminism.
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• An end to the Guy Barnett school of politics. (Or Mike Huckabee, or…) Religion and politics, in my opinion, should mix in a highly restricted manner. I’ll blog about that another time.

• White, middle class, straight left-wing people to check. their. privilege. and not behave as if they were the moral voice of the world.

• And, you know, the end of the kyriarchy.

And I wish some things for myself:

• The strength to put up with bigotry with enough left over to fight it.

• The feel for nuance and the humility to step aside and let people advocate for themselves when needed as well as conscience and ability to advocate when needed as best I can.

• The courage of my convictions to risk alienating or angering those around me by doing what I believe in.

• The continuing willingness to do my best to mitigate my privilege.

• A marvellous year.

• … some really good episodes of Doctor Who.

Is it just that I don’t pay much attention to contemporary music, or are video clips really getting to levels of abstract weird? I rather enjoyed the clip for Operator Please’s “Just a Song about Ping Pong”.