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NYT: Gender Gap Found in Kidney Transplants

Women are less likely to receive kidney transplants than men, and researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that this gap primarily affects older women — even though they fare as well or better than men their age after a transplant.

IRIN: BANGLADESH: Gender gap, dropout rate a challenge for schools

Despite an improvement in enrolment levels at the primary and lower secondary levels, Bangladesh has a long way to go to achieve gender equality, says the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), a worldwide initiative aimed at narrowing the gender gap in primary and secondary education.
The situation is worse in slum areas where enrolment rates are only 61 percent, and 26 percent of primary-age girls have never enrolled in a school.

Science Daily: Race And Gender Determine How Politicians Speak

Their analysis shows that language reflects a social hierarchy that is not explicitly acknowledged. The “subordinate” roles of black race and female gender are revealed in speech patterns with “dominant” white males. And they are expressed differently in conversations with a white female, a black male and a black female. In effect, a degree of racism and sexism is reproduced by the very people who oppose these societal attitudes.

Irish Times: Doing nothing is not an option (Includes tips and contact information)

It’s clear that much of the unease over intervening is due to a range of fears and doubts, rather than just apathy or a lack of compassion. When respondents were asked the reasons for not reporting abuse, the greatest concern was getting involved in other people’s business (88 per cent).

India Times: Govt to declare National Girl Child day on January 24

Along with the declaration, the ministry would also launch a sustained campaign to create awareness about female foeticide, domestic violence and malnutrition in women and children.

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