In the spirit of equality, accessibility and global outreach, a post on making this blog more easily read.

I put in a translation widget. I’m not entirely happy with it. I tried a number of them but had trouble making them appear on the page. I’m happy that it has both flags and text, because it’ll work for both non-English speakers who would be relying on visual prompts and people using text-to-speech or similar software. As for non-English speakers using software, I hope your software has some translation mechanism. I’m not too happy that the widget has only a few languages, major ones as they may be. Also, where it says Chinese, I think they mean Cantonese or Mandarin. Perhaps I should have put the widget in more prominent view, but I’ll reassess that most likely.

There are tags now, so that you can navigate the blog with greater ease. Remember, there’s always the search option at the top.

I wasn’t sure that my blog was as accessible as it could be, particularly as the default blockquotes are grey, not a strong colour. So I did some investigating into web accessibility. I think I’m doing okay so far, with the transcripts and image descriptions and all – Sarah Haskins post aside, but I sort of made up for that with the email to Current TV, I hope. I’ve changed the colour of the blockquotes in the posts I’ve written so far to a prominent blue. I’m making more of an effort to make larger links, in case you have trouble clicking. Please contact me in comments or at chally dot zeroatthebone at gmail dot com if you’re having trouble with small links or similar.

Below is a list of web accessibility links you may find of use. The third and fourth are Australian-based but may still be of use to overseas readers.