Here is every Target Women video Sarah Haskins has ever aired. If you haven’t encountered her before, you’re in for a treat. Have a read of her interview with Jezebel and also with The Dawn Chorus. Have fun watching!

I’m afraid I’m not in a position to provide transcripts. In lieu, I have sent the people at Current TV the following email:

To: feedback@current.com
Subject: Transcripts for Current programs

To whom it may concern,

Thank you for providing all those wonderful videos. I particularly enjoy the Target Women segments. I was embedding some of Sarah Haskins’ videos in my blog and realised that you don’t seem to provide transcripts for Current TV. Doing so would open up funny, informative programming like Sarah’s to those who might not otherwise be able to access it. I’m sure that many people would appreciate it if you took this idea under consideration.



Without further ado, then. Videos are below the fold.