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It’s Blog for Choice Day in the US as it’s the 36th anniversary of Roe v Wade. Here’s a round-up of posts on the subject.

I particularly recommend you read Cara’s post, Blog for Choice: Sexual Rights, which poignantly addresses the intersection of reproductive justice and sexual violence. I also recommend Shark-fu’s Blog for Choice – There, but for Roe… on what ‘Roe does and doesn’t do’…

…which ties in with Courtney’s Thank You Thursdays: Reproductive Justice Advocates. Melissa writes Obama Marks Anniversary of Roe by Affirming Commitment to Protecting It and has some suggestions of her own for the new administration.

On the topic of ‘What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new Congress?’: frau sally benz, Melissa (again) and Sybil Vane all have posts.

Feminist Philosophers has two interesting posts. Guest poster lp writes Blog For Choice: Moral Reasoning and Jender writes Blogging For Choice: The ERA.

Miriam links and participates in a reminder in Why Roe isn’t enough. Jeff writes about a man who crashed his car into a Planned Parenthood in St Paul in Happy Roe Day. Holly at Menstrual Poetry and Jill at Feministe both have open threads.

And now if President Obama could overturn the Global Gag Rule.

ETA: And abstinence-only education is the sex ed equivalent of hitting one’s head against a brick wall in order to prevent bruising. Do something about that, Mr President, would you please?