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Dear Chally,

Please stop obsessing over your blog stats. Of course they drop on Saturdays; people go on the Internet less on Saturdays. That is certainly true for you. Also, there is nothing you can learn by checking them every thirty seconds that you cannot learning by checking a couple of times a day, once a day, or a few times a week. Perhaps you could even check them only on occassion. After all, the purpose of this blog is not to garner hits.

Don’t stress about your grammar and word choice. This is not about providing a model of the use of the English language. It’s about expressing yourself, misspellings and awkward sentence structure and all. I’m sure your readers will understand about the occassional lack of transcripts; they know to look elsewhere or email you if they need to. Just take it as it comes.

Don’t feel the need to write anything you don’t want to write. It’s important to speak up, but sometimes it’s better to keep quiet and survive to fight another day. I know you were going to write about the Global Gag Rule, but you were never too comfortable with talking about abortion, and seeing that movie the other night really pushed you over the edge. Don’t let other bloggers set your criteria for you. You’ve gotta write what you’ve gotta write, and if you don’t set your own agenda, you won’t see yourself grow.

As for the techie stuff, like the translation widget and embedding video, sometimes it just won’t work, no matter how long you try for.

Speaking of which, take breaks when necessary. When you’re overwhelmed, or you have nothing good to write, or there’re other things you want to do.

And you think you sound like a self-indulgent whiner, especially in this letter. It doesn’t matter what you sound like, doing the right thing, by oneself in this case, isn’t always image-friendly. It’s not about that. It’s about doing best by yourself and the world.

Work on developing your feminist consciousness, your self-expression and your analytical skills. And have fun.

With love,