I joined Flickr recently, mostly to have a place to store photos for this blog. Look at all the feminist photos I found!


Feminism is spoken here, uploaded by gaelx.
Image description: A printout featuring ‘FEMINISM IS SPOKEN HERE’ in pink is pegged to a washing line. A person can be seen in a window in the background.


More feminism signs, uploaded by chebbs.
Image description: Two posters are on a wall. One features the outlines of women holding hands and the slogan ‘Feminism is for Everyone’. The other says ‘In Britain 2 women are KILLED by their husband or intimate partner every week…’ And then, in red, ‘EQUAL?…’


“Feminism rocks”, uploaded by glans galore.
Image description: ‘FEMINISM ROCKS’ is stencilled in blue paint in a concrete door, accompanied by a female symbol.


Feminism rocks, uploaded by Kristjan Wager.
Image description: Same again, except on a footpath and in grey.


5 Things Feminism Has Done For Me, uploaded by jenlemen. (I’m afraid I can’t stick it here in the blog, so I’m just linking. Her stuff looks gorgeous!)
Image description: In a beautiful artistic layout with a leaf, a sun, hearts and eyes instead of ‘I’:
‘Five fantastic things feminism has done for me:
‘1. Feminism gave me Women Studies. Without Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston & Virginia Woolf, I wouldn’t be here today.
‘2. Feminism gave me the language to explain why I need to be connected to my body and why choice is essential for me.
‘3. Feminism gave me the vote. One of the 1st times I made a very scandalous decision. (really.)
‘4. Feminism helped me value the kind of wisdom, power and politics that grows from the bottom up.
‘5. Feminism grew in me the dream of an egalitarian marriage – with my own true love Dave Lemen. (it’s true).’