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I have had some thoughts.

  • Abstinence-only sex ed is incredibly irresponsible. You don’t want kids to have sex so you send them off to have sex unaware, unprotected and unsure of themselves? It’s not about doing the right thing, it’s about fear, regret and control. And you’re taking it out on children.
  • I’ve so far found drama school more useful in terms of fleshing out my general knowledge and showing off than as an actual theatre practitioner.
  • I’ve got easily twenty blog posts I’d love to be typing away at right now, but sometimes you don’t have the thinky power, you know?
  • I recently started watching How I Met Your Mother because of my affection for Neil Patrick Harris. The only reason I can stand his character is because in real life, he’s nothing like him. I’m wondering about exactly how complex this particular relationship between reality and fiction is and how it relates to my sense of discomfort in watching the show. I’m giving it a try.
  • Twitter really hooks you in. I am holding back from showering tweets on my followers.
  • I bought my hairdresser a bracelet thing in Melbourne which I still haven’t given her. This is nothing on the saga of The Birthday Present. My friend’s birthday’s in June and I’ve yet to give her her present because I haven’t seen her since May due to Incredible Coincidences. Of course, she hasn’t given me mine either, but my birthday’s in November. I am considering giving the scarf I am knitting to her for her 2009 birthday.
  • Speaking of TV shows, with TV shows I’m not sure about, I have a three episode rule: I watch it for that long before deciding to continue or not. Worked for Torchwood, at least until they moved it to midnight. I am a stickler who REFUSES! to record TV shows when they’re on at late time slots but will willingly record something at 6.30 if she’s not going to be around that day. I do not understand my logic either. Can you tell I take my TV seriously?
  • I think I might change my ‘Feminism’ category to ‘Gender’ because that doesn’t leave out all the other issues mentioned there as feminist and also it might be more accurate. I don’t know. I’ll assess when I do my next big blog reconfiguration, one of which I just had. What do you think?
  • How many times can I watch every West Wing episode before I get sick of it?
  • I think I’m going to make a go of trying out a few new blogs in my reader every so often. It isn’t quite comfortable and ordered, but maybe I can expand my mind more.
  • On reflection, Doctor Who series three was actually quite good. I’ll get the DVD when it’s on sale. Knowing the ABC, that’ll be NEVER, so I’ll wait for Borders. My mother is actually keeping tabs on Borders for me. She doesn’t watch Doctor Who. She is just that nice.
  • I think Thomas Sangster is a lovely young man. I am quite a fan of his. Here is a clip of him in Doctor Who (Human Nature, to be precise) as the unforgettable Tim Latimer:

THE DOCTOR Keeping your head low avoids the mockery of your classmates. But no man should hide himself, don’t you think?
LATIMER has heard something…
Yes sir…
The watch on the mantlepiece seems to be drawing his attention.
THE DOCTOR (off screen)
 You’re clever, be proud of it. Use it.
Over the top of all this, there are whispering voices eminating from the watch. heard only by LATIMER.
 Time Lord…Timothy, hide yourself… I’m trapped, kept inside the cogs…
LATIMER presses the watch’s release button- and it opens, releasing wisps of golden energy.
Somewhere out in the grounds, BAINES’ head jerks round, catching the trail.
As the DOCTOR comes back into the room, LATIMER quickly closes and pockets the watch.
 Fascinating details about the siege, really quite remarkable- are you alright?

 Yes Sir. Fine, Sir.

 Right then. Good. And remember- use that brain of yours!
The DOCTOR holds out the book and LATIMER goes to take it- but as soon as he touches it, he sees a vision of the DOCTOR as a different man to the teacher.
Power of a Time Lord-
The DOCTOR as we know him best, pinstripe suit and weilding his sonic screwdriver. The vision fades as the DOCTOR releases the book, leaving LATIMER shaken.
You’re really not looking yourself, old chap- anything bothering you, or…?

LATIMER (in shock) 
No Sir…Thank you, Sir.
Walking quickly, he exits, closing the door behind him.

That transcript from the excellent and useful Doctor Who 2005+ Transcripts.

That will be all for today, class.