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First up, if you haven’t checked out the Pink Chaddi Campaign, you have to at once. Some background from Ultra Violet:

In one of its latest acts of bigotry and intolerance, members of the Sri Rama Sene and the Bajrang Dal barged into a lounge bar on Balmatta road in Mangalore and viciously attacked the girls who were present there. Their crime: Firstly they were indecently dressed and second, despite being Hindu, they were daring to socialise with Muslim boys. Prasad Attavar, State Deputy Convener of the Sri Ram Sene said that it was “a spontaneous reaction against women, who flouted traditional Indian norms of decency.”

So many women are sending pink underwear to the Sri Rama Sene Office. Is this not one of the best things you’ve ever heard? No, it is not, because you haven’t heard the cherry on the cake. (As much as one can hear a cherry.) Because the organisers are called the Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women.

A few more links:

  • Amy has a beautiful list of things to do. I want to emphasise the self-exploration: getting to know your genitals is one of the best things you can do for yourself, all year round.
  • Liss has something of a history of marriage and Valentine’s Day. It’s better than I’ve described it.
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