Here’s a video Lisa of My Ecdysis put together.

By way of transcript, it starts off with ‘What influences your definition of feminism?’ on the screen. Sudy is shown reading a number of books of feminist interest. Then: ‘What dictates your definition of freedom?’ followed by related images and ideas, such as of art, stories of the missing and Western history. Then: ‘Feminism. Who and what is shaping yours?’ At the end is the M. Caballero quote ‘Power is never given back. When it’s stolen, and if you want it back, you have to take it.’ For most of the video, an Avril Lavigne song about being ‘anything but ordinary’ is playing.

At the bottom of her post, Lisa writes: ‘I decided to create a little bit of a feminist commercial – infemmercial – for Valentine’s Day. It’s a writing prompt, a small reflection to think of what makes us so damn lovable and strong. In other words, what makes us feminists.’

Well, as those around me in meatspace know, I am not a Valentine’s Day person. It rubs me the wrong way. I’m sure you’ve heard all my reasons before from other people, so let’s not go into that. I will take up Lisa’s prompt because it’s vital to show ourselves some love.

Here are my opening thoughts on a long journey.

What makes us lovable? What makes us strong? What makes us feminists?

We are all lovable by virtue of being.
Our strength comes from the support of our sisters; the knowledge, development and experiences gained in life; our convictions and our inner purpose.
Do this love and this strength make us feminists? I’m not sure. The claiming of feminist identity often comes from a dark place in which we are weak. Sometimes it’s the conviction that we are deserving of being loved that brings us to feminism when we don’t feel lovable or strong.
Love and strength are wonderful tools with which to build our feminism. The desire for revenge or to tear down doesn’t last and destroys, often the wielder. Love and strength build love and strength.

What is it to love as a feminist?

It needs a deep and constant sense of the value of all people. It needs a commitment.