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Happy March, everyone. I’m going to have a go of posting a monthly round-up featuring a selection of the feminist blogging I’ve found of interest. There’s quite a variety in the links below.

Cara wrote Female Heart Patients Experience More Emergency Room Delays at Feministe on 2 Feb.

Samhita wrote 4000 women run for office in Iraq on 3 Feb at Feministing. ‘In an effort for women to regain footing in Iraqi government and decision-making, it has become a requirement for every 3rd elected seat in Iraq to be held by a woman.’

Faith wrote A Look at Women in Iran 30 years after the Islamic Revolution on 11 Feb at MMW.

nojojojo wrote Return of the revenge of the daughter of the welfare queen at The Angry Black Woman on 13 Feb. It concerns the hatred directed at Nadya Suleman, who recently had gave birth to octuplets.

amandaw wrote My life. at Three Rivers Fog on Feb 16. It’s about the high place paid work has long held in feminism and the problems with this.

Samhita wrote Post-Valentine’s Day Reflections. on Feb 17 at Feministing. She addresses love, singlehood and social limitations.

Melissa wrote Current, My Ass on Feb 17 at Shakesville. It’s a gorgeous takedown of language regarding the “threat” of powerful women to men.

Cara wrote Sexual Violence in Italy Used to Support Racist Immigration Policies on 21 Feb at The Curvature. Again writing with a title that says it all.

Marissa wrote Unfair Burdens at Shakesville, guest blogging on 23 Feb. It’s on ‘children and teenagers who are the primary caretakers of family members’ and you should read it.

Pilgrim Soul wrote And She Writes (Just Like a Woman) on 24 Feb at The Pursuit of Harpyness. It’s about reading and writing as a woman.

Have fun reading!