Bumped into someone the other day for the second time. We caught up a little and realised we lived nearby. ‘We should take the bus together on Wednesday!’ We arranged which bus we were getting. On Wednesday, I got on the bus and she didn’t. I realised we’d taken different buses. And we hadn’t taken each other’s phone numbers.

On Friday morning, I hopped on the bus. I started chatting with the person who got on a couple of stops after mine. We talked about what a fantastic bus this was, the fastest one all morning. She told me that she’d been overcharged by a bus driver recently. He’d insisted he was right and it was only after she offered him her tickets from that morning and the day before that he gave in. Our bus stopped, we said goodbye, with the understanding we’d see each other the next week.

On Friday afternoon, I hopped on the bus again. The bus driver overcharged me by fifty cents. I told him, other people told him, I offered him my previous bus tickets. He eventually gave in. ‘I’ve never been wrong before. Although my wife might disagree.’ I got to talking with a couple of the passengers. One of them lived right near where I do. ‘You didn’t used to do a drama class…?’ ‘Jessica?! You look completely different!’ ‘So do you!’ I hadn’t seen her for about eight years. She said she took that bus every week, so I said I’d see her in a week. I got off the bus and realised that my schedule was going to change the next week and I’d never take that bus again. And Jessica and I didn’t take each others’ phone numbers.

What’s the moral of the story, kids?

ETA: Met the first person again this afternoon and got her phone number.