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So I finally gave my blog address to my mother.

When I started this blog, I really wanted to have control of my own space (still do). This necessitated me not feeling the urge to censor myself because I might upset or surprise someone I knew, so I didn’t give the blog address to anyone. I think I’m getting to a stage in which I can write what I fancy and not bother with separating my feminist blogging life and my meatspace life.

My mother is a truly lovely woman. She told me a few weeks ago that she was starting to get concerned that if I didn’t give her the address, she’d never catch up! It’s pleasant to count her among my readership and perhaps I’ll let a few more of my meatspace people have a look in future. She’s said that she won’t be commenting because she doesn’t want to intrude. I wouldn’t mind if you did comment, Mum, but it’s thoughtful of you to respect my space.

I’ve been thinking. (Yes, that’s the burning smell har har.) I find it’s very important to compartmentalise my life: this is here, this is there and never the twain shall meet. So things like Facebook bother me, because how am I to separate the people who belong to different parts of my life? Perhaps this need to split things represents a healthy balance, a way of functioning, or perhaps it means a reluctance to fully integrate my life. If there’s a need to escape from one bit to another, maybe I’m adopting personae for different places and not quite being myself. But as an actor (by education and hobby, not profession) that’s pretty much what I do, put on masks and inhabit fragments of myself.

It could well be terrifying to fully confront oneself and acknowledge who one is. And beyond that, liberating.

I’m not saying that’s especially what’s going on here. So I’ll see what happens in my life. You have any similar questions you ask yourself? In the mean time, ZatB’s opening up a little at a time. Welcome, Mum. There’s a round-up of some of my posts if you scroll a bit down the page.