Prepare yourselves, for you are about to witness a thing of win.

If you can’t access it, allow me to drop my jaw at describe the video. It’s called Extreme Knitting and it involves knitting ‘with 1000 yard strands simulaneously’ using 1600 balls and cones of yarn. First they bring in many bags full of wool, then they sort them by colour/shade. Having collected the ends of all the wool in each group, they tied a knot in each, then pulled these ends up over a railing on the next floor up, leaving thousands of strands stretching up in a rainbow. One person guides the wool up and stops it being entangled while the other arranges the wool. The second person then knits the groups of wool as though each group was a strand. This is done painstakingly, involving a lot of physical effort, on giant needles. My favourite part is seeing all the balls of wool tumbling as they’re pulled upon. The hat tip goes to Witty knitter (excellent blog name!).