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Part one is here.

11. I bet you don’t know how to say my name. Formally pronounced, (as formal as a nickname can be) it’s ‘Ch’ as in ‘Bach’ not as in ‘chocolate’. But with more of a purring sound or like you’re hacking up phlegm. But most people I encounter can’t pronounce that (and I must admit to sometimes having trouble myself) so you can say it ‘HA-lee’.
12. I keep my photos in a tissue box with the top cut off. I used to keep them in photo albums but I didn’t like that as much. It’s falling apart.
13. I wear glasses.
14. If I’ve got something complicated to absorb, I take it into the bathroom to read. I sit on the floor, on the edge of the bath or in the bath. I find it calming and the reflective white tiles mean it’s well lit for reading. I actually wrote something rather deep in the bathroom last night about language and the nature of humanity.
15. My socks were blown off by Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin. I couldn’t enjoy fiction for a while after that.
16. I have a huge crush on David Tennant and have done for a couple of years. Check out this icon. You may find yourself staring at it for ten minutes or so. That’s okay. I’ll wait.
17. I took up biting my nails about 7 years ago and have been trying to stop for two.
18. I am a folder, not a scruncher.
19. I used to write a newspaper column.
20. My favourite play is Antigone by Sophocles. I’ve played Antigone three times. I saw a version set in a town hall last year at the Belvoir St Theatre here in Sydney. It had a wonderful actress called Deborah Mailman as the title character, but it largely left out the emotional centre of the play, the relationship between Antigone and her sister Ismene. I went to see it with my friend who played Ismene to my Antigone and whom I’ve known a good ten years now. Although we didn’t meet in theatre, that’s another story.