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give her a bone
I don’t think I will, thanks.

“zero at the bone” gay
I suppose you could argue that Dickinson’s poem has homoerotic elements. The snake as phallus and I guess you could say that the persona’s fear is of accepting a gay identity. I’ve yet to see anyone else argue that, though, so be prepared to back it up with evidence if you’re writing about it for school. Note how I’ve avoided the assumption that you’re using “gay” as a perjorative.

emily dickinson porn
Not so much, no.

excited expression
Okay, here’s one for you. ‘I am very excited!!’ Happy now?

fat people giving thumbs up walking down
Does anyone want to volunteer?

parenthood can be glamorous
Um, yes. Yes, it can. There are probably bigger issues at stake for parents.

why are gaby’s children so fat?
I imagine that Gaby’s children in Desperate Housewives are “so fat” because the show’s makers whimsically decided that, seeing as fat people should only be allowed on television in order to be made fun of, they should take pity on fat people and include some. The logic. It burns.

fat latina
I was about to explode at you, but then I remembered that I googled something similar once upon a time in order to try and find some writings by fat Latinas on their experiences. So I’ll assume you’re in the same pile as the body images and reactions in latinas searcher.

did nancy bird-walton hurt herself?
She never sustained any serious injuries, no, which was pretty amazing for a pilot in her day.

1950’s women slogan
I don’t know. Here’s something to irritate you, though. A 1952 advertising slogan for Gimbel’s Department Store, Campus Clothes was: ‘Riddle: What’s college? That’s where girls who are above cooking and sewing go to meet a man they can spend their lives cooking and sewing for.’ Original, accurate AND funny!

how clothing stores effect body image in children
I’m afraid I can’t help you much, but I can offer a couple of semi-relevant articles from Florida State University and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

why is there so much rape in the u.s.a.
There’s a question. There’s a lot to say about rape and other forms of sexual violence, so I’m going to address your question from a number of standpoints.
Firstly, how common is sexual violence in the US? We just don’t know. It’s generally not reported and as such we don’t have reliable statistics. There are many factors contributing to this, including but not limited to, and in no particular order, fear of not being believed, a lack of support from friends and family or a wish to avoid prolonged trauma. I’m told that RAINN is an excellent US-based source on this; here’s their statistics page.
There are similar problems in finding out just how common sexual violence is worldwide. Here’s a page on rapes per capita by country, the inevitable inaccuracy of which you should keep in mind.
As for why there’s so much rape, I’ve heard repeatedly from experts that’s it’s not, as has often been said, a “crime of lust or passion” but one of violence, coming from a desire to have power over the person or people they rape. Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that, so if you want to know more, I encourage you to go and learn.
I’ve got posts in the pipeline about this (including lots more stats, I hope) and I will keep addressing issues of sexual violence as long as this blog’s around. In the meantime, I find Cara’s posts on rape and sexual assault at The Curvature informative.

5 fantastic things feminism
There are millions of fantastic things about feminism! I’ll pick five for you:
1. A beautiful, socially conscious community.
2. Knowing you’re doing something to make your life and the world better.
3. The tools to analyse what you encounter and
4. The means of expressing same. Feminism gives you language to articulate things you never could have before.
5. What we’ve achieved and the commitment to our ongoing struggles.

So there you go, readers. I am here to help and entertain.

ETA: fat women sitting on the car No? Anyone…?