I made this through Wordle.net. I seem to recall having initially found out about Wordle through Justine Larbalestier’s site, but I could be wrong. The idea is that you plug in a piece of writing and it sorts through them by popularity to make something pretty.

I just like how hey’re grouped; it’s quite amusing. Look at ‘sex’ between ‘something’ and ‘comments’. I have to write about sex more to beef it up! I like that ‘women’ and ‘people’ are so prominent. I wonder what that signifies? And above feminism: ‘perhaps’ ‘used’ ‘better’. Quite. To the right of that: ‘write’ ‘long’ ‘blogs’. Picky, aren’t you? ‘New’ ‘world’ ‘Female’ up the top is optimistic. The wordle. It tells us things. ‘Something’ ‘going’ ‘even’ ‘now:’ how vague. ‘Go justice back time’ might be connected to the prominent ‘doctor’. As for ‘post’ ‘always,’ this thing apparently likes my blog! ‘Come good human people’ um okay. I so like looking for word patterns in things!