I’ve updated the blogroll! Here are the additions to the list:

Mim’s Muddle Mim is a mother of three and my fellow Sydneysider (yep, that’s the term for people from the lovely city of Sydney). She recently had her third blogiversary, so congratulations!
Spilt Milk is another Australian mother who has some interesting things to say about feminism and motherhood. (Like this.)
The Pursuit of Harpyness Only a month old, this blog is shaping up to be pretty eclectic and engaging.
Hexpletive Hexy is a pretty unique voice in the blogosphere, writing about Aboriginal and sex worker issues. You should have a look through her archives.
My Ecdysis is Lisa’s blog. She shares some very moving pieces of writing.
The Angry Black Woman is made of win.
Whyimbitter’s Weblog Another Aussie writing life and feminism. I didn’t realise I was reading so many Australians!

And also two webcomics: I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!! and YU+ME: dream, both by Megan Rose Gedris, both wonderful and both to be discussed in coming days (we hope).

I’m going to probably be doing more posts like this every so often, so watching out for those.