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Been wondering what happened to all those stories? Wonder no more.

Further to Justice Ginsburg is ill and I wish her well
On 23 February, Justice Ginsburg returned to the bench and in fine form at that. She was her usual charming self when giving a talk to law students a few days ago.

Further to As your Valentine’s gift, readers, I present linkage:
The violence against women in India continues, I’m sorry to say. Ultra Violet has been covering it. Here are two of their recent posts on the subject. Protests are continuing.

Further to Time and fire:
Five million dollars has been raised for those affected by the fires in Victoria and the floods in Queensland through two concerts in Sydney and Melbourne.
As a result of Cyclone Hamish, an ‘estimated 200,000 litres of oil flooded into the ocean and covered beaches along the coast of south-eastern Queensland’ when a cargo ship was damaged.

Further to Octavia E. Butler died three years ago today:
Beacon Press wants an illustrator for Kindred by Octavia Butler. Go. Read it. Spread the word. What an honour for whoever’s chosen!

Further to A women’s safe house in Ngukurr and feelings of inadequacy:
The Australian covers a study of the use of emergency accomodation support here in Australia. It says that ‘Indigenous women and children fleeing domestic violence rely on emergency government accommodation more than any other group’. I seem to recall that I heard about this article via TransGriot.

And further to… well, a lot of posts, there’s going to be an Asian Women Blog Carnival. (Via The Hathor Legacy.) If you’re an Asian woman, go for it!