I had a couple of deadlines last week, so I didn’t have a heap of time to blog, I’m afraid. Also, I find it’s good to rest my blogging muscles once in a while, so my posting schedule might be erratic for a bit (although I did go about a month posting on a 24 hour cycle, which was interesting). I find that posts tend to take on a theme for a few days – television, language – so with this changing dynamic it’ll be interesting to see what comes forth. I’ve got a huuuuge backlog of posts to write. It’s kind of frustrating writing after the initial spark of inspiration has gone, but I find writing cold can turn a piece of writing in new directions. Tomorrow I’ll try and put up a March blogging round-up, which custom I may continue. So, in short, I’ll be as surprised as you are at any changes in Zero at the Bone!

On Sunday I attended a Hoyden About Town meet-up. We had a lovely time discussing ironing Very Loudly. I had a bit of fun comparing people’s online voices with their offline ones. It’s rather pleasing to sit back and chat with a lovely group of people quite out of context, something I always enjoy. It’s nice to know that there are some real hoydenish types about… um… this town. (Honestly, I did not intend the corniness when I started that sentence.) I look forward to the next one.

I’ve been knitting a lot, having found my lost needle on Saturday night (it was stuck at the back of the couch). I finished the bulk of ScarfFriend’s scarf. It’s various shades of blue and purple; I saved bits from all the balls of wool which I’ll sew in and make tassels from. It’s wide and short, so it’ll be one of those scarfs you just tuck in around your neck (I’ll make a fastening) with a jacket. Hopefully it’ll keep her warm on the colder days of our mild Sydney winters. I started another piece on Sunday morning, also a scarf. I’m not sure who it’s for yet. It’s pink baby wool so far, although I’m thinking of adding in thin cerise stripes in a thicker wool I have on hand.

Now I have an appointment, so I must be off!