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In what I no longer hope is chronological order, here’s my feminist blogging March round-up.

Helen G at Bird of Paradox writes Is Amnesty UK excluding transsexual women from its “1 in 10″ campaign?. She writes that Amnesty UK in contributing ‘to the erasure and invisibilisation of transsexual women in the critical area of violence against us.’

I bookmarked a lot of stuff from Liss at Shakesville, so I’ll write it all in one go, shall I?

KaterTot, guesting at Shakesville, writes Not Assvertising! about a trans-inclusive ad that I’m personally a bit fond of.

Lauredhel at Hoyden About Town writes Some women are afraid of being mummy-tracked; others are afraid of being fired. ‘Women should not be forced to drastically alter their bodily functions in order to hold down a job.’ I’ve got to tell you, Lauredhel writes a lot of good posts about breastfeeding and related issues which you should all direct your attention to if possible.

Deborah at In a strange land writes On rape and consent. No pull quote. It’s good.

frau sally benz at Jump Off the Bridge writes What If We Need a New Movement? ‘What if there’s another framework that we can start using, moving forward, that leaves all of the baggage behind and works on this one common goal? If we do that, do we need a label?”

Blue Milk writes We must not walk away from this fight. ‘The sad truth is that the working-outside-the-home mothers least likely to have paid parental leave are the ones with insecure, low-income jobs (ie. only 10% of women on low incomes have paid parental leave versus 80% of those on high incomes). […] Australia is one of only two developed countries left without paid parental leave.’

Latoya Peterson at Racialicious writes Open Thread: Of Racism, “Satire,” and Humor. She has to be one of my favourite writers in the blogosphere.

Scott Madin at Fineness & Accuracy writes The Myth of the Individual. It is pretty win.

More from Lauredhel with Happy dance: Australian “Global Gag Rule” overturned. Happy dance indeed.

Ann at Feministing writes Justice in Sudan? It’s both a step forward and very sad.

Cara at The Curvature writes Rape Culture and Its Incredible Prevalence: A Strangely Optimistic Analysis. I think she’s onto something.

A trigger warning on Rosemary Okello’s post at The WIP, Cultural Stigma and Myth: Disabled Women in Kenya are Vulnerable to Sexual Violence. I found it very upsetting, but if you feel you can have a go at reading, do.

InfamousQBert guest blogs at Shakesville about the best shirt eva in For the Self-Rescuing Princess.

More from Cara with When a Man is the Victim: A Second Study in Rape Apology. ‘That’s the thing about rape apologism. Strangely enough, for a philosophy that relies entirely on lies and prejudice, it’s actually incredibly nuanced. That’s why it can be so convincing to some people. And it’s why it needs to be analyzed and picked apart.’

You should also check out two fabulous series that ran in March: frau sally benz of Jump off the Bridge wrote Legendary Latinas and Renee of Womanist Musings conducted a series of interviews with fellow bloggers for International Women’s Day.

That’s all! (That was quite a lot.) I can’t wait for all the April goodness, can you?