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I have exceedingly little patience with Channel Nine’s Aussie Ladette to Lady, so I’ll keep this short and focussed on trans issues.

Here’s the show description from the show website as background:

The search is on for Australia’s wildest “ladette” – by definition, a loud and uncultured young woman who fancies herself as a party animal, is a domestic nightmare and can guzzle a beer and drink any man under the table. The Australian version of this UK hit promises to be engaging viewing as our local ladettes take a crash course in etiquette and manners, including a trip to the UK to attend the infamous Eggleston Hall.

What the pancake.

Now it gets even better. One Emily O’Keefe of Ninemsn has a piece partially on Samantha Stratford, a trans woman who auditioned for the upcoming season but didn’t get through.

  • It’s called “Transgender a no go for Ladette to Lady“. Not “transgender person” or “trans person”? Oh, sub-editor, do not try to tell me you had limited words to go with, because we all know you will be lying and incompetent. Smelling the fail already. Although it does speak to something wider, that accurate representations of transgender lives are few and far between on telly.
  • “Dreams of becoming a true lady”. Because she’s a fake lady now? No no no no no.
  • “Providing a much-needed twist”. Those tricksy trans people worming their way into television with their Deception™! When will they learn not to pursue any of their goals in the public eye?
  • “Decided to become a woman”. You are surely kidding me. If you are using that, you better make very sure that is how the person in question describes hir experience.
  • And then a side-by-side photo comparison pre- and post-transition captioned “Samantha Stratford and as a man before treatment.” Has she given any indication she identified as a man before? Is the photo comparison necessary or are you taking your chance to gawk? Okay then.

… at least they use the correct pronouns, which is more than I might have expected. Sensitivity fail. Here, try this post on Questioning Transphobia: Transphobic Tropes #1 – “Really” A Man/Woman. It’s not that hard. It’s painful to see half-arsed attempts at civility, like you’re bestowing your lofty favour on Samantha, ninemsn. And watch it with the million little pieces gender rubbish just on your front page. I do not know how you people take your pay cheques without guilt welling up.

It’s all a bit ‘Look, you non-entity. We the powerful will allow you a brief shining moment. You cannot refuse our terms.’