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Because I’m hosting the Down Under Feminists Carnival next month, I won’t have time to do my regular monthly feminist blogging round-up. As such, you’ll be getting round-ups through the month when the mood strikes me. It could come at any time, any place (well, not really, just here)! It shall creep up on you unexpectedly. And here’s the first lot.

First up, something I missed from last month. queenemily at Questioning Transphobia wrote Trans youth and schools about the pretty awful findings of a survey of trans youth in American high schools. It explores the transphobic treatment of these students at the hands of both classmates and staff. I’m keeping this one on file.

bellereve at the rack and the screw wrote In defense of the second wave. No pull quote as the title says it all!

Lurleen at Pam’s House Blend wrote Sweden Votes for Marriage Equality! Voting went 261-22 with 66 abstentions. This is on the back of 71% of the country supporting marriage equality.

On the same theme, Ann at Feministing wrote Same-sex couples can now marry in Iowa! This follows a supreme court decision and makes Iowa the third US state allowing same sex marriage, if we don’t count California. Ann has a round-up of posts on the subject.

Still in the US, but moving onto the economy, Sarah Jaffe guest posted Unions, Women and Fair Labor Practices: Why the Employee Free Choice Act is a Feminist Issue at Feministe.

Sally at Jump off the Bridge wrote I Hear It’s Immigration Awareness Month… . It touches on a number of issues, including the Binghamton shooting, and is rather moving.

More from Sally with Lessons Learned from WAM!09 Sounds like a great conference!

Lastly, but not leastly, Jo Tamar of Wallaby wrote the fantastic Scholarships and support for indigenous students. ‘The rectitude of supporting Alice and those like her (through scholarships and otherwise) lies in the attempt to rectify those wrongs. It is not diminished by her own achievements.’

April may end up being quite as fabulous for blogging as March!