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(As long as we’re on this Australian television theme…)

I am a bit of a fan of the ads for Bonds underwear that have been airing in these parts for the last few years. The ads are problematic: the women are all skinny, there generally aren’t close-ups in an ad for men’s underwear. But at the same time… they’re having fun. It’s not trying to appeal to men. The dancers are smiling, they’re having a good time. The ads are ethnically diverse, unlike with most of Australian advertising (always annoyed about that). It’s evoking pride in what bodies can do, coordination and challenges overcome (seen the other problem? They’re all able-bodied as best I can tell.) (For the first ad at least, they’re all professional dancers, or so I hear through the grapevine; I imagine the same is true of the others). So there are a few levels here. But I so like these ads. So I’m sharing these three campaigns.

For the Kaleidoscope line, a group of women… imitate a kaleidoscope. It is amazing.

A newer version:

For the Hi and Lo line, there’s a rather extraordinary clapping game in a long line, black-clad women on one side white-clad women on the other.

For the Mash line, a mash up of songs and dance styles.
The group version:

The solo version:

What do you think? It’s worth mentioning that men’s underwear ads tend to be joke or “this’ll make the chicks flock to you”-based.