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feminism and human trafficking, human trafficking bone
business ethic human right japan
bangladesh feminism
korean feminist

I actually was reading up on Asian women’s history but I had to return all the books to the library. I’ll go back and write about my thoughts.

Things I can help with

“was she wearing a short skirt” i’m being victim blamed
 You certainly are. Wearing a short skirt does not make you complicit in any crime committed against you

octavia e. butler’s point speech sounds Well, Ms Butler’s writing is just not that simple. I’ll give you a few starting points, but you should reread it to see where they take you and also try some criticism.

  • Think about linguistics. What does communication mean to us as humans? Some people argue that language is integral to humanity.
  • How about ability? Is the concept of disability dependant on cultural norms? What happens when those norms collapse? How do fear and access play into this?
  • How does “Speech Sounds” fit into Ms Butler’s body of work, feminist science fiction, dystopic fiction?
  • Readers, if you haven’t read it, do try and find a copy! It’s a short story and is collected in a number of places.

    translate the word “linkage” in spanish?frau sally benz (who I’m liking to a lot lately, now that I think about it! Go read her blog) kindly translated for us: it’s connecciones.

    What the flipping pancake?

    julia gillard community service, julia gillard history, julia gillard political social personal, julia gillard political life. Why are you people so into Julia Gillard? I hope it’s school projects (enough to warm your cold feminist heart, ain’t it?).1959 new zealand news, 1959 new zealand may I have no idea!

    bladder “female reporters” Um right.

    gay people should be kept away from danc Lucky your term got cut off in my stats there.

    Sounds like a lovely piece of art

    bird + age
    two women holding hands