Had a weird few days for blogging. I scheduled some blog posts in advance because I was offline for a few days, a holiday extended by a rather lovely lot of Internet connection troubles (solved this afternoon with the help of three computer techie people, all of whom were women, I am proud to note). So please excuse the lack of engagement in comments, I will get to you as soon as may be. Although I’ve got a bit on over the next two days. Not to worry, though, because I’ve got some lovely long posts coming up.

In any case, I figured I might give you a bit of a spoiler post! Aren’t you lucky? Here are some topics I’ll be blogging on in coming weeks.

A book review of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon.
Thoughts on some fabulous webcomics I’ve been reading.
A post on food (shopping, the experience thereof, and related privilege).
Many many introspective and philosophical posts.
Round-ups a-plenty.
There are more blogs to add to the blogroll. Let’s hope I remember them all.
A series on Aus/UK children’s TV series Noah & Saskia, of which I am a huge fan. I watched the entire run and took notes at the end of last year, so this has been a long time in coming!
A series on my experiences in changing my name, a process I’m part of the way through. An exhausting process in a number of respects but utterly gloriously WORTH IT.
A series on another rather personal topic. I’m halfway through writing. I will feel so good when it’s done.