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Hiya folks. A blog note.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the feminist blogosphere (did I ever stop from the moment I found it?). There’s a sense that there are issues I ought to cover, and there are certain ways I should write about stories – all in all, I thought it was time to stop and re-evaluate. I said that one of the reasons I’m writing this blog was to develop my activism and I don’t want to just be repeating what I’m told (even if I’m being told solid, amazing feminism). And I don’t want to subsume my personal notions and creativity and writing to fit in with everyone else’s. Not that there’s a prescriptive list of things you must do to be a feminist, but that sort of activism is not for me. I guess all these words I’m hearing are so powerful and I don’t want to shut off my internal voice!

(Before I go on, no, this is not a hiatus post, I’m still writing. This is about a small shift in direction, which you may not even notice that much. Don’t panic.)

And on top of that, I have to sort out some internal stuff, too. The more I learn about trans issues, the more I realise I’m pretty clueless. And it’s possible that I’m even worse with class/economic/Western privilege. In order to be a good activist on these and other issues, I’ve gotta turn the focus on myself a lot more. So while I don’t blog about a lot of issues I care about which deserve attention, it must be said that this blog isn’t all of my activism, I’m working on it, and I’m in this for a while so there’s a lot coming even if it isn’t all here right now. And aside from all that, if my internal spaces aren’t more sorted out, there’s a substantial limit on what I can give out. So while I feel a bit selfish, a shift in blogging focus is better for everyone.

Not to say that I won’t be writing newsy stuff, or covering stories and issues. I feel like I’m cheating you of “proper” feminist blogging, which is a little warped. I need to learn to value my words, my experiences, what I have to contribute, more. This is a longer and more ponderous approach, but it feels right. While I can’t talk about many important issues as thoroughly as quicky as I’d like with this method, I’ll eventually do it better. It’s a little painful to be moving away from what I’ve learned is the “right way” of doing things, but I need to do some sorting out of my internal spaces. It’s difficult stuff!

I should stop looking over my shoulder and fly free. Stop thinking about being a “proper feminist” and just do my feminism where I must. My “zero at the bone” philosophy applies to my personal methodology as much as anything. (See my about page.) Maybe you have been having some similar experiences in your life; I’m sure you get what I mean. I’m still doing round-ups and I’m sure I’ll be posting news and videos and things. There’ll just be a heap more personal content. (And, by the look of this post, more informal language. It’ll be interesting to see if my writing style changes and how I deal with that.) That’s my feminist activism.