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In just a few weeks I’ll be hosting the Twelfth Down Under Feminists Carnival! I am more excited than a Doctor Who fan in December (and that’s excited).

The carnival is open to all feminist bloggers from Australia and New Zealand, covering posts published in April. So get writing, reading and submitting! You can SUBMIT POSTS HERE or, if there are any queries or accessibility issues, you can, as ever, reach me at chally dot zeroatthebone at gmail dot com (but please use the form if you can). You can find more information at the carnival’s official homepage, which is under Lauredhel’s care.

You can submit another person’s work or your own. I’d appreciate if you could try and make your posts accessible, bloggers, putting up alt text for images and that manner of thing. If there’s an image you think I should include with a post, please let me know when submitting. The deadline for submissions in May 2 at midnight (I think WA time).

Looking for things to submit? You can have a look at the New Zealand and Australia section of my blogroll. Or you could try this fabulous list of every DUFC contributor to date put together by QoT.

It’d be easier on me if you submit sooner rather than later, but don’t feel like you can’t submit something in the dying seconds of the submission time (or you can email me shortly after as I probably will be working on the carnival until the fourth or the fifth of May).