I have a bunch of new blogs added to the blogroll!

Adventures of the TV Addict, the Wannabe Writer, and the Should-Be Famous is the blog of TR Xands. It’s pretty comprehensive and a good read (also, TR is a regular contributor of thoughtful comments here on ZatB, so go show some love)!
Crimitism Congrats, Richie, you’re the first male individual blogger to join my blogroll. Yay!
Fineness & Accuracy would be the second bloke, then. You may recognise Scott from his lovely comments at Shakesville.
But I’d Rather Have a Bowl of Foxtrot! niemaodpowiedzi’s blog is pretty new and pretty fabulous (the name. it makes me gigglesnort in my head.). I’m going to have a good sit down one day soon and read through her latest, very heartfelt, posts properly.
Trouble is a State of Mind Anna been growing in prominence in the blogosphere lately. She writes some really good posts on disability. So if you find you’re missing voices on disability in your reading, her blog should be a regular stop.
Unapologetically Female is Tracey’s blog. She’s doing an interesting series presently called My Antifeminist Childhood.
elle, phd is fabulous. That is all.
Wildly Parenthetical is an intriguing creature. She says smart things about pop culture that may make your head hurt.