As you can imagine, that series was pretty tough to put together. I’m glad I wrote them all in advance of last week because during that time my condition has been exacerbated (as to how, I dunno). So between that double exhaustion and DUFC coming up, I’m going to be blogging light and fluffy for a while (barring DUFC, of course. SUBMIT SUBMIT! NOOOWW!).

Because my brain is only clearing for a few minutes for a time maybe once or twice a day, I’ve been finding it very difficult to pursue my reading (and the rest of my life apart from sleeping, but, you know, this paragraph is about reading, which means an awful lot to me). Woolf’s Orlando, which I have started about six times, will have to wait. I’ve mostly been reading Artemis Fowls when I can read, and otherwise watching TV and knitting for entertainment (knitting, where have you been all my life?). But on Saturday I started Sense and Sensibility and am getting through that with relative ease. I am very much enjoying the experience and will blog about it. I’ll blog about the knitting also.

So, just to say, I’m tired. And thank you for all your support in comments, email, through Twitter and in person. It has made talking about my experiences that much easier.