Rose and the Doctor are smiling. Captioned 'Hiiii! We brings you internets!' Screencap from The Idiot's Lantern
I capshuns teh pikshurs. You likes?

So, I’ve been meaning to relax and do fluff blogging, but I keep thinking of social justice stuff. So I’ll save that for a bit, because I have some marvellous fluff blogging planned for you. Hardcore fluff blogging, one might say.

Kicking off the fluff blogging…

A game! Deepleap is solo speed Scrabble or something. My record is 931 from memory. Beat that. It’s all Lauredhel’s fault for tweeting about it (am not looking through all her tweets for the link, so that’s a link to her twitter page).

Virtual bubble wrap. Honey-covered pancakes, where has this been all my life? (Cheers Deborah.)

Lastly, here’s an underwear ad from Davenport I almost included in my Bonds underwear post. It is very possibly the greatest ad ever:

Description: people fall out of a huge loopy pipe into a room where there there are lots of other people. Everyone is in their underwear. They proceed to have a pie fight. They run out of pies. But then, on a conveyor belt, jellies (that means Jell-Os in Ausspeak) arrive! An excellent if wasteful fantasy.

Tune in next time for more Intertronian goodness. You want food or weird reference pages first? Too bad, because you’re getting clips from my Favourite Musical Eva. (No, it doesn’t start David Tennant and I’ve never referenced it in this blog before. Why do you ask?)