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Part one and part two.

21. All it takes to make me laugh are the words “fuck it, I’m a praying mantis!” This is due to the funniest play of all time which I may blog about sometime (come on, you want to hear the story, don’t ya?).
22. My favourite Doctor Who episode is “The End of the World,” simply for nostalgia’s sake as it was the first episode I saw.
23. I love playing with words. This blog is quite different stylistically to anything else I write because I’m not shaping it for beauty.
24. I love baking. There’s nothing quite like warm food just out of the oven. Yum! I’ve got a fantastic chocolate chip muffin recipe somewhere that has not failed me once in six years.
25. I don’t like music nearly as much as everyone else seems to…
26. … but I do have a favourite band, and that is The Corrs. Irish siblings performing pop/rock/Irish folk=win. I haven’t heard their album of Irish songs, Home, yet, but I probably should as we won’t be hearing anything from them for a while. Sharon, Jim and Caroline are raising families and Andrea’s trying out a solo career, so they’re on hiatus. I can still remember how excited I was to see them live in 2001!
27. Sometimes, when I hear ‘women’s magazines’ I get really excited. Then I realise they’re talking about Cosmo, not some wonderful feminist mag. But it’s kind of nice to see that hopefulness in myself.
28. I have trouble lighting matches.
29. I have trouble slicing things eg cake.
30. Items 28 and 29 make me nervous at my birthday parties, but it always works out fine.