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In Blink, the Doctor looking like a sad puppy dog. Captioned 'You no bring me no internets?'
Do not worry, Doctor. I brings you internets. Internets full of YOU.

As promised, for day two of hardcore fluff blogging, you get some clips from my favourite musical, Blackpool. David Morrissey. Sarah Parish. David Tennant. You know it’s wonderful just from the cast.

First up, “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side” by The Smiths.

Lyrics here. I like the choreography on this! Also there’s a guy right at the end who always reminds me of John Barrowman. I do get slightly annoyed at the obvious and rigid use of levels. (Drama school. I can’t watch anything uncritically anymore.) But David Tennant. Dancing and singing. Winnn.

Here’s “These Boots are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra.

Lyrics here, but skip the first verse. Love this weirdly aggressive number with Davids Tennant and Morrissey! Faux tango for the win.

I’ll get this out of the library sometime and give it the feminist analysis it deserves!