Gridlock screencap. Captioned 'BRING ME INTERNETS!1!!

All right, Doctor, calm down!! I’ve brought you Internets!

Well, I don’t know about you, but after DUFC* I need a hardcore fluffy break! A dance break.

I’m in a Madison Avenue kind of mood, so here’s Who the Hell are You?

Lyrics here. Okay, having rewatched that, maybe you’re better off listening and not watching. On to Don’t Call Me Baby, for which I say the same.

Lyrics here. And now, because I am a dork, I present you with Puretone’s Addicted to Bass.

Lyrics here. Your bassline, it’s shooting up my spine, it’s got me feeling fine – Ahem.

Have a good one!

*Wordpress inexplicably fudged the links. There were links I corrected a good few times. My heart was beating like anything, I can tell you! Happily, my Twitter buddies helped me through it and the carnival is looking lovely.