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Admit it. I do far more meta posts than any blogger you’ve ever encountered in all blogging history. It is one of my many charms.

Fantabulous new blog header! You likes?

Let’s see how I’m going on the accessibility front. No one’s complained or anything, but then I run a pretty small blog. So I shall assess myself. I’ve got consistent layout and formatting, which is easy with a WordPress blog. I make all my links more than one little word so they’re easier to click on. I hope my picture descriptions are sufficient and I have transcripts or descriptions for just about all the videos apart from the Sarah Haskins ones. I’ve been using image descriptions whether in text or through alt and title text. I’m not sure if the tag cloud is accessible or not, so I can come back to that. But there’s no alternative to that, so I may have to change the theme at some stage. I don’t know. Is there anything I’m missing? I think I’m going pretty well.

The last translation widget I had conked out. So now I’m trying to find a decent and accessible one without javascript. Until I do, I’m afraid I’m alienating non English-speaking (potential) readers. But I can hardly put a link to an English-based translation page. Argh. Any tips?

I’ve added an “ally work” tag (it was fun going back through my archives) so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes. The tag’s focus is not on my own ally work, but the concept itself. I’ve also added “trans” and “not fitting the heteronormative paradigm” tags, which go under the LGBTQI category. I saw that I needed to identify my commitment to trans issues more prominently and not file them in such a fashion as to subsume trans experience beneath that of the LGBQ community. Also, those acronyms and their variants leave out so many non-het sexual orientations that I thought I’d take a little initative. I have a post on intersex people in the pipeline, by the way.

I Am Not Cake is the latest addition to my blogroll. Generally I wait to add blogs until I have a few saved up, but I had to put Jet Silver in having read her post on rape culture. Also, I changed ‘list of feminist blogs’ to ‘blogs of feminist interest’ because there are people on there not identifying as feminist and blogs not centring feminism. I think this is better.

Quiz: What did I add to this description of myself on my About page? ‘My name is Chally. Among other things, I’m Australian, not quite white, heterosexual, cis, disabled, a reader, a writer, a woman and a feminist.’

Oh, intertrons, I have a question for you. Why do you so often come to this blog through search terms the like of “crowds pointing”? Why, why, why. I ask you. What are you looking for? Why do you care? Why is it so popular?

There are also a few minor alterations around the blog I’ll leave you to find yourself!