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Further to much of my disability stuff of late, here’s Anna with This Is Why I Keep Asking and annaham with Time and Energy, Or Lack Thereof.

Further to Not so much with the dancing, no, 12sided writes So You Think You Can Dance: go to the corner and think about what you’ve said on the Feministing community page. It’s on double standards and female sexuality.

Further to No one should be scared to go to school, the two Californian students who were kicked out of school for no good reason are not going to have their case reviewed by the Supreme Court. The Pursuit of Harpyness has the update.

Further to Octavia E. Butler died three years ago today, here’s a great review of Kindred at Tor.com. Thanks to Mim of Mimbles for the heads up!

Further to Hey, you!, in which I discovered that you can reach my blog by googling ‘julia gillard dyke,’ Carol guest posts We’re all lesbians now: undermining powerful women, on Helen Clark, at The Hand Mirror.

Further to “Jungles aren’t racist!”, Fashion and Patronizing, Colonial Rhetoric, Take #758080 at Racialicious. Because fashion is never, ever racist.

Further to Johanna Sigurdardottir appointed interitm PM in Iceland, Sigurdardottir, who is a lesbian, has just been elected. Katy at The Hand Mirror outlines more of the election results.

Further to A Left-Handed Commencement Address, here is a video of Le Guin’s speech as given by a young woman named Sparkle Grenade, who is from Grenada.

Lesbians are dominating this collection! I had been worried that I hadn’t been writing much LGB stuff, but that is a promising reflection.