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Cap from Fear Her. Rose: 'I brings you edible ball bearings and internets'. The Doctor, eating a cupcake: 'NOM NOM NOM'

The edible ball bearings joke. It will never die.

Here’s a video of a fantastic water thingy in Canal City shopping centre in Japan. It forms patterns in the water: dolphins, stripes, chains, characters, stars, it’s fabulous!

Here is one of the best wedding toasts ever. It’s a musical! The man of honour sent out tapes to all the guests so they could learn their parts and they only had a few chances to rehearse. It’s the most charming thing.

Here’s Catherine Tate’s and David Tennant’s 2007 Comic Relief contribution and it’s very funny. Transcript at Tennant!Love.

Lastly, a clip from The West Wing (subtitles included). Josh and Donna are being their usual lovable selves.