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Racefail ’09 continues. Of course it does. It’s almost unbelievable that there’s such little impact on some white people, but that’s privilege for you. Utterly shameless. I’m not going to say they should know better, because they do know better.

I do not want to go through this all again, so here are my two previous Racefail posts: About the FSF fandom explosion over race and It’s time for a Racefail update!.

Two succinct summaries:
The Angry Black Woman has A (Slightly Different) Call for Creativity.
Liz Henry of Feminist SF – The Blog! has MammothFail ’09

A new LJ comm: Fen of Color United.

Lastly, Justine Larbalestier has brings her own (white, female, SF person) perspective in Invisible Audiences? Invisible to Whom?. Thanks to Mim of Mim’s Muddles for the link tip.

Science fiction has so much scope for imagining lives outside of our constraints and engaging powerfully with our situations. This is the world of the marginalised. Don’t do this to us.

Note: I think this is the first post I’ve written in which I present myself as non-white rather than invisibilising my identity/situation. How about that.