I’ve just realised that there are some blogs I quite like I haven’t added to the blogroll! I must correct this.

Ham.Blog – by Annaham. She’s a friendly being. Also, she has recently started a disability 101 series.
Perspectives from a Blind Point of View – I started reading this one a short time ago. There’s a lot of variety and coverage of issues I’ve never thought about. Alena is a fellow knitter!
Random Babble – Ouyang Dan is an American blogging feminism and disability activism from South Korea. I like it more the more I read!
Wallaby – Jo Tamar is a fellow Aussie blogger. She’s presently working hard on being a better ally to PWD and Indigenous Australians. I am quite impressed with her efforts.
Bird of Paradox – is Helen G’s blog. She also blogs at Questioning Transphobia. There’s lots of good stuff in there and I would recommend checking out the sidebar linkage.

I’ve also edited some links to reflect moved addresses, blog closures and so on.