(Get it? I wrote ‘meta’ instead of ‘bit of’ and they sound sort of similar! I don’t think I’m ever going to run out of dorky titles for my meta posts. My favourite one is There’s something in your hair. I think it’s a piece of meta. I’m willing to take suggestions.)

Hey! The Fifteenth Down Under Feminists Carnival is up, the first edition hosted by founder Lauredhel since the original. You should go read it, even if you’re not a down under feminist, because it is full of goodness; full I say! The carnival is a fabulous thing for we NZ/Aus fembloggers to have. You can help keep it going by submitting your own posts or those of others (details here). You can start by checking out the Australasian section of my blogroll, which is – goodness me! – sorely in need of the update it will shortly get.

In other linky news, I’m changing the monthly blogging round-up I do to something less time-bound. (Iiiit waaaaas haaaaaard.) Possibly it will be sorted by topic or writer. Possibly it will come in the dead of night. I am trying to think what to call it. Linksplosion? Perhaps you have a blog recommendation you would like to share with me and your fellow readers, or an entry for possible inclusion my linksplosion or whatever it’s called.

Also, I just started up a delicious account, in which I’m bookmarking various things – thus far mostly social justice blog posts – I read and like. I’m adding a link to the sidebar. So if you want to see the sort of things I’m keeping for reference, that’s the place to go!

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