I’m always looking for more blogs to add to the blogroll and to my reader. I recently bookmarked upwards of seventy blogs to check out! I am a big believer in seeking new and varied perspectives. It’s a fabulous way to connect with your fellow humans and expand your knowledge of the world.

Every so often, I do a demographics breakdown of my reading, because I am pedantic like that. Most of the blogs I read are by white Americans. This is because, well, let’s face it, this group kind of dominates the femblogosphere. Perhaps it’s also because we’re trained to hear these voices as authorities on cultural narratives (and not just their own, might I add). In any case, my reading habits tell an interesting story.

I also want to highlight age. I’ve found that this is an important aspect of our lives that doesn’t generally get listed as an identity marker. Maybe because it, um, changes, but variability doesn’t strike it off as an intersectional identity. Judging from when it is mentioned by bloggers, or when it’s guessable, most of the blogs I read are by people in their twenties and thirties, with a sprinkling of folks older than that, and even fewer younger ones. I should very much like to hear more perspectives from social justice (particularly gender justice) bloggers falling outside that limited age range. I’m putting together a list of younger bloggers to post about, although it looks like I’m going to have to wait a bit more before I can do justice to the older ones, simply because there are more of them.

If you’ve got any suggestions for blogs centring such voices, please do share them.

Now, I’ve got some more blogs to present to you and for the blogroll. (I’ve got many more collected for the future; I try to not overwhelm you with these entries. Each blog deserves attention.)

A shiny new coin is a blog I quite enjoy, written by a journalist in Western Australia. It was said shiny’s birthday the other day, so happy birthday, your shinyness!

The Radical Radish is rayedish’s blog, rayedish being an Aussie feminist parent. I know, I’m fond of the blog name, too.

The Second Awakening is pretty new, but it’s looking good to me. C. L. Minou blogs life as a trans feminist. And she’s furious.

Sweet Perdition is a gem. Written by Tera, it has disability and gaming goodness for all.

cripchick’s weblog wasn’t on my blogroll before?! There are lots of fabulous entries on experiencing the world as a queer disabled woman of colour.

Twice Immigrant is the blog of CaitieCat. Best known for her work as a Shakesville contributor, she is fabulous in every way.

That’s it for this time, readers.

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