I do not think I have ever blogged about anything sex-related before. And, knowing myself quite well as I do, that’s really, really surprising.

Anyway. I am here to share with you some environmentally-friendly sexyfun products I’ve come across. I mean. Um. You know what I mean. I swear that double entendre was not intentional, the things just pour out of me like – okay. Perhaps we’d best move on.

The Earth Angel

The Earth Angel

Firstly, we have the Earth Angel vibrator, which started off the search resulting in this post. Made in Ireland, it’s the first eco-conscious vibe. It’s entirely made of recycled materials, even the packaging. And no batteries! You power it by turning a key that’s slotted into the base. Four minutes of cranking lets your vibe run for half an hour. Good Vibrations notes that you can charge it with a five volt charger or through a USB port if that’s not going to be possible for you. I think it’s fabulous that this is a family business, run by spouses Chris and Janice. It’s eight inches, it comes in white, it looks great in my opinion. You can get it from these stockists or they can send it to you.

Sola Vibe

Now we have the Sola Vibe, a plastic g-spot vibrator powered through a solar panel. It’s phthalate-free and also comes with eco-friendly packaging. You can use a lightbulb to charge it if you want to use it on a cloudy day. It’s supposed to be very quiet and the power lasts for two and a half hours. And it’s a lovely sensual red colour. The Sola Vibe is made by Juicy Logic, which has a lot of other green products and a green ratings guide to some other sex toy manufacturers. There’s more detail at Libida (Susie Bright and Betty Dodson are listed as Libida’s advisors, and this US-based store seems pretty women-focussed.) It’s not cheap, but it’s pretty different.

Next we have French Letter condoms, which are certified fair trade and sustainable. Fair trade condoms, you ask? I’m glad you did. According to this article:

French Letter condoms

French Letter condoms

Condoms are normally made of synthetic latex, sourced from unsustainable farm practices in developing countries where the work conditions are not ideal. There is also the matter of environmental problems relating to disposal and decomposition of condoms. In this regard, many environmental groups have pointed out the damaging impacts of their use, for example, animals mistaking litter as food, smothering of reefs and asphyxiation of sea dwelling organisms, as well as the extensive time period required for the biodegradation of latex. Condom wrappings are typically non-biodegradable and there are also condoms made of plastic materials, such as polyurethane, which also do not biodegrade at all.

This small British company has been operating since 2007 and their condoms are the only ones in the world using fair trade latex. They’re available in Europe and online; check retailers here. They’re even on Twitter!

I haven’t actually tried any of these things, by the way, I just thought it was pretty cool that some people have thought to take their environmental ethics to bed with them. That’s dedication for you!

There’s so much more detail I’d like to go into – vegan-friendly products, the importance of knowing what’s in your sex toy, recycling said sex toys – but it’s enough material to go on all day!

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