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BOO! Here is the first themed linksplosion, readers, the theme being that all the writers are from New Zealand and Australia.

Here’s a selection of ten of the posts I thought have really stood out so far this August (there are more, but I had to impose a limit!).

QoT didn’t write an International Blogging Against Racism Week post. The non-post is about centring voices of colour and it’s clear and powerful.

Lauredhel writes Christian Rossiter’s right-to-die “win” is a complete fail. And I’m looking at you, and you and you. Shiny responds with about rights and choice: a commitment.

Two more from Lauredhel. We are dying is on the Australian scooter users being blamed for their own deaths. But really. And of course there’s absolutely no way that a national electronic health & social record could go wrong… right?

QoT and Fuck Politeness have both written on George Sodini and links to cultural dynamics. That’s Why chicks dig “jerks” and “Cry me a river dickface” respectively. Jumping off from the same topic, new blogger tor from adrift and awake has Yes, we hate Nice Guys. Here’s why.

Spilt Milk is apparently blogging from the 1950s. Or so some of the attitudes she’s been encountering lately regarding gender roles would suggest.

Jo Tamar writes Boy or girl?. I’m sure you can guess what that’s about! I have been missing Jo’s gorgeous, committed thoughtfulness and expression.

Bonus July post from Hexy guesting at Feministe: The Australian Response to HIV.

Now, readers, I have an ulterior motive with this post. Namely, I am promoting the Down Under Feminists Carnival. Every month, a volunteer host gathers the best of down under feminist blogging (broadly defined) and displays it for all to see. However, this is hard work, and I know from experience. So I think you should help out! You should do this by reading downunderan blogs and submitting posts to the carnival. This is a thing you should do because:

  1. You get to read lots of wonderful writing.
  2. If you’re not from these parts, you get educated about our concerns! If you are, well, also that!
  3. This way the host for any given edition doesn’t have to work so hard to put together the carnival.

Now you are wondering, where do I find these mysterious Aussie/Kiwi blogs? This is a good question. The answer is, here are those from my blogroll:
2 B Sophora, A.E.Brain, A shiny new coin, Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony, blue milk, Crimitism, Fuck Politeness, HellOnHairyLegs, Hexpletive, Hoyden About Town, I Am Not Cake, Ideologically Impure, In a strange land, Mim’s Muddle, Penguin unearthed, Sophie’s Secret LJ, Spilt Milk, The Dawn Chorus, The Hand Mirror, The Radical Radish, Wallaby, Whyimbitter’s Weblog and Wildly Parenthetical.

I will also take this opportunity to add some new Australian and New Zealand fem-friendly blogs to my blogroll:

  • adrift and awake by tor is a blog newly begun and it looks to be a ripper.
  • Ariane’s little world, written by my Twitter buddy Ariane, is about all sorts of things including parenting and politics.
  • Fifty Two Acts is sajbrfem’s blog documenting her 52 acts of cyberfeminist activism. Now with cookies!
  • SAHM Feminist is azlemed’s (Demelza’s) blog, at which she writes about life as a married mother of three.
  • Still Life with Cat is by Pavlov’s Cat, who I serendipitously met a couple of weeks ago. She blogs all sorts of things, including literature and daily life.

So get cracking!

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