Transkitten is by Emily. She was recently forced offline after some workmates found her blog and I’m so glad she’s back.

Wheelchair Dancer has lots of reflections on disability, dance and activism.

UneFemmePlusCourageuse is just a fabulous wide-ranging feminist blog by Genevieve I recently started reading.

Raising My Boychick is Arwyn’s. She always has something fun or thoughtful to say about parenting or politics (or both!).

Adventures of a Young Feminist is Laura’s blog and has been running since June. It tackles lots of issues, particularly pop culture from a feminist perspective.

Deeply Problematic by RMJ is another relatively new and really good blog on a variety of feminist issues. It’s the home of the 50 Books for Problematic Times series.

Jem’s Lair is the only Danish feminist blog I read. It’s a solid, well-written blog on everything from the justice system to mental health. You should check it out.

Look left of the pleiades is the blog of British mother and feminist Ruth Moss. Get your fat acceptance, reflections on being a feminist typist and more here!

Catspaw is the blog of self-described transdyke feminist Lucy. She doesn’t blog often but she blogs well. Lucy and Ruth recently got engaged!

o filthy grandeur! features all sorts of social justice goodness, not to mention poetry. Most importantly, fuzz therapy.

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