I took up knitting in February and have been going to town with it ever since. I’m a crafty sort of person (I love sewing and French knitting) and knitting’s a great skill to have. When I was in a bad way for a few months there, it was one of the few things keeping me going because it was distracting and because I felt like I was doing something useful.

Here are photographs of three of my projects:

Brown and green scarf
I made this scarf with rib stitch (3×3 I think) in brown, plain in green, stockinette in brown, plain in green again and repeat. I can’t remember anything more specific than that, so you shall have to play around!

First scarf
This scarf was my first solo knitting project. It’s a short, wide neck scarf with a band to tuck the end in. I sewed in an E, E being the initial of the friend I gave it to. I used her favourite colours, pink, purple and blue. It’s entirely in garter stitch – this is a first scarf, after all, so it’s tradition!

CD Case
Here’s the CD case I made my mother for Mother’s Day. I knitted the back, sides and flap in garter using my favourite lovely yellow wool. I’ve had pale yellow flannel hanging about in my sewing basket for years, so I used that for the front. Lastly I sewed on a pink felt heart. I went for plain and cute and I think I achieved that.

What are your creative hobbies? Do you like to do anything crafty for fun?

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